I’m a real estate advisor and marketing specialist with a focus on residential sales in the Vancouver area. My approach is client-centred and specifically tailored to your needs. Together we will create an action plan that will allow you to achieve your goals, on your terms. I’ll walk you through every step of the process and provide you with the information and expertise to make your best deal, with an absolute minimum of stress. Passionate about what I do, I firmly believe every property can be sold for fair market value – the key is to present a compelling story with superior marketing materials. If you’re a buyer, I know your dream property is out there – my promise is to help you find it, then make sure you have your best chance to acquire it at a fair price. With over 15 years experience with residential development, I can also successfully guide you through the acquisition, design & permit process, construction, staging, and marketing of your redeveloped property. Give me a call today to get started!