Mission Statement

We’re fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and desirable cities in the world. With a limited land supply, a growing population and economic stability, we also have the most expensive and competitive real estate market in the country. As a seller or buyer in this market, you need an experienced Realtor to make your best deal and guide you through the process with a minimum of stress.

Our philosophy is simple – provide timely market intelligence, superb marketing and negotiating skills, with outstanding personal service. We do this by focusing on our three core elements: Depth, Detail, and Dedication.

Depth through experience – the ability to see the big picture, understand market trends and changing conditions, and communicate this to you effectively so that you can make your best choices.

Detail through focus – the ability to distill a wealth of data down to what’s most relevant to you and your specific circumstances. What are the unique attributes of your property? What’s going on in the micro market of your neighbourhood? How best to position and price a property in a noisy marketplace? There are hundreds of details that go into a successful real estate transaction – I promise you that I’ll take care of everyone of them.

Dedication through professionalism, honesty, and loyalty. More than just words, these are my compass – keeping your confidences, placing your wishes above all others, and making sure that your interests are always protected.

Remember that all real estate is local – within Greater Vancouver each neighbourhood, home type, even city block has its own unique market conditions. And that market is dynamic – changing with seasonal supply and demand, but also adjusting with each new listing, sale, economic data, and a myriad of other external factors. You need a Realtor that understands this – and who can provide you with the real time information and market intelligence you need to be successful.

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